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Smile correction by natural means (Orthodontics) is our belief, passion and is also our biggest strength.

This is achieved by our team of In-House Orthodontists, Dr. Ancy & Dr. Aneesh.  We only practice using the Global Gold Standards in Orthodontic Therapy.

Traditional Braces are a thing of the past and ours is a 100% Self Ligation Practice.

Both Dr. Ancy & Dr. Aneesh are Certified Providers of Invisalign® (Clear Braces) and 3M Incognito (3D Gold Lingual Braces) making us the first & only Clinic in Delhi-NCR to have 2 In-house Orthodontists offering both these unique treatments and services to all our patients.

Internationally Trained Invisalign Orthodontists

Are you looking for an invisible solution for straightening your teeth?

Invisalign is the answer to your troubles. It is a Clear – Removable – Comfortable  & Customized alternative to conventional braces.

Both our In-House Orthodontists, Dr. Ancy & Dr. Aneesh have received extensive training in Invisalign Therapy in India and Abroad.

This makes us the First & Only Clinic in Delhi-NCR to have 2 Full Time, In-House Orthodontists who are Internationally Trained providers of Invisalign Therapy

Painless Intra- Oral X-Rays

We use a unique Phosphor Plate System (Vista Scan), which utilizes soft wafer thin flexible films in variable sizes for a pain free experience.

Gone are the days of rigid & bulky x-rays that barely fit in your mouth and leave behind an ulcer or a sore mouth.


We have partnered with some of the leading innovators & pioneers in Dentistry including Invisalign® (Clear Braces), 3M Incognito (Invisible Lingual Braces), Ormco Damon (Self-ligating braces), Durr Dental (Intra Oral Imaging & Sterilization) among others.

We also have an in-house low dose OPG (full mouth x-ray) & Cephalogram facility by Newtom™ which is the global pioneer in Dental Imaging Technology.

Highest Level of Sterilization & Hygiene

We have built our practice on the twin pillars of Hygiene & Quality. To achieve this we follow a strict 6 – Step Sterilization Protocol using the Gold Standard Class B Autoclave and have a zero tolerance to contamination.

 Our Autoclave only runs on 100% distilled water which is supplied by our in-house water distiller. Each of our Dental Chairs have their own dedicated RO Water supply.

Convenient Hours


Keeping up with your schedule in both your professional and family life can be a hectic experience. We at AK GLOBAL DENT understand the demands of day to day life on both working adults as well as school going children.

Therefore we are proud to offer After-Office Hours (upto 8:30pm) and Weekend Appointments to all our patients.

Convenient Registration

No need for cluttered paperwork, register online within just a few minutes or just walk into our clinic and register yourselves with a few touches and swipes on our customized & dedicated tablet for patient education and registration.

Flexible Payment Options & Plans

Choose the mode of payment that is convenient for you, be it Cash, Cheque, Debit Card, Credit Card (American Express, MasterCard and Visa) or Net Banking.

We also offer payments in installments for larger treatments to ease your financial stress.


All these Globally Renowned best practices and Gold Standard treatments using A+ grade materials are now within your reach at affordable Indian Prices.